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plan your journey

What if you are able to plan your daily journey, knowing you will travel with the safest and cleanest route possible? By changing your route with small deviations, your health can improve greatly over time!

air polution measurement

Today we have to deal with many types of air polutions on a daily basis. Sense4Air ‘senses’ these air polutions and offers you an intuitive way to view the air quality around you whenever you need it.

helping people and governments

With a ‘sea of sensors’ we can provide current and accurate information about the air quality in any place, anytime. Enabling governments and communities to identify polluted areas and take appropriate action.

Sense4AIR is an innovative and affordable answer to reduce your exposure to air pollution while
traveling. Sense4AIR consists of 4 specialists that have been working on the subject of air quality.
Inventing answers to bad air quality for years. And years to come.

Every year the air we breathe becomes increasingly polluted with damaging elements such as fine
particles, carbon monoxide, Ozone and combustion gases from vehicles and industries. A critical
issue in our society that claims millions of lives each year. What if we can find a way to minimize the
exposure to polluted air by changing your daily route with small deviations. And on top of that a
minimal impact on your travel time… Our answer is Sense4AIR.

Sense4AIR makes use of a ‘sea of sensors’, that constantly measure multiple factors like air pollution,
air quality, noise exposure and other environmental elements. Based on these readings we can
deliver you with an accurate and up to date situation of the air around you. And provide you with a
plan for your route that is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Avoiding bad air quality ‘hotspots’
along the way, keeping you away from pollution that could damage your health. For this, we are
using smart technologies like cloud infrastructure, mobile measurement platforms and intelligent

Combining the data of all the sensors and amplifying this with a sophisticated cloud platform using
artificial intelligence. Bringing it within reach on your smart phone or mobile device. Using mobile
apps we can provide you with an intuitive assistant that helps you to plan your trip as healthy as
possible. Benefiting your personal health: Every breath you take, every move you make.

Change is in the AIR!

meet the team


The Brain

Hello there! It’s me, John Heesterbeek from the Netherlands. I am the Jack of all trades here. Since I was a little kid, I was always very passioned about multidisciplinary technology and eager to learn how stuff works. Nowadays it’s my turn to create & innovate, and pass it on.


The Director

My name is Marco van Nieuwenhoven and I am a technology enthusiast. I live in Eindhoven, North Brabant, the Netherlands. I could compare myself with “Gyro Gearloose” (“Willie Wortel” in Dutch, “Archimede Pitagorico” in Italy).


The Magician

Hacker, techno-guru, rock climber, and lover of exotic gadgets.  Always forward thinking and providing new angles, Massimo is a valuable asset for this team.  He is the spark to the team’s creativity.


The Creator

Hi, I’m Sander! I run a few sites and servers and frequently give introductions and support in the field of IT, information security, rapid prototyping and Domotica. I am also a Technical Consultant at a Internet/Cloud provider.


One told me recently that success is best when its shared,
so we are proud to present our accomplishments!

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